About Imerovigli

Immerovigli is a picturesque village situated at the north of Santorini, only 3.5 km away from the capital of Fira. It is a continuation of Fira and one of the most beautiful balconies of the island, as located on a higher cliff. The name of Imerovigli comes from the word vigla which means “view spot”. The position of the village provides a clear view of the caldera and the volcano, and during the old times it allowed villagers to see the pirate ships approaching. Today, Immerovigli is one of the recognized traditional settlements.

In front of Immerovigli lies an enormous rock called Skaros. On top of it was a castle that was built during the 13th century but it was abandoned in the early 1800s. The castle housed all the administrative offices of the island. This part of the island collapsed after an earthquake, and only the huge hill of Scaros is left today.

Immerovigli has numerous chapels and churches built on the rocks overlooking the blue sea.
The village is known as a great romantic destination.

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