Abrazo 8’’ is situated in the most privileged location. Located in the very center of Santorini, it provides you with the opportunity to explore not only the unique views from ‘’Abrazo 8’’ but also easy access to Santorini’s best attractions.

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Enjoy the magical Santorini moonrise and sunrise in one of our private Villas and Maisonettes. Explore your senses in absolute privacy and tranquility. Allow yourselves to live the dream by experiencing pure relaxation. Let the stunning view of the dawn take your breath away.

Imerovigli – Exquisite Traditional Cuisine

Imerovigli at your feet! Only a breath away from ‘’Abrazo 8”  Villas, Imerovigli is the most perfect place for you to try unique Santorini dishes and delicacies. Do not forget to spoil yourselves by tasting the famous and award winning Santorini wines!


More Locations

Fira – the Town of Santorini

The cosmopolitan center of Santorini is only 5 minutes away! Feel free to visit Santorini’s most vibrant place and feel yourselves like your dream. Explore the traditional winding narrow streets of Fira and do not miss the amazing view from the Caldera cliffs.

Oia – Santorini’s mark on the world

The world’s most amazing sunset is there to seduce you! Get carried away by the infinite blue and the magic of the sun slowly slipping into the sea. Make yourselves a gift by enjoying nature at its best! Oia not only blessed by nature but also well known as a gastronomic paradise, makes a unique place to visit. Treat yourselves like never before by visiting Oia’s well known restaurants.

Akrotiri – the most important settlement ever discovered

Akrotiri was entirely buried under the Volcanic ashes of Thera’s Volcano for hundreds of years .It is more than just an archeological side, it is a true inspiration of Santorini’s very essence.

Koloumpos Beach

Visit one of the most secluded beaches of Santorini. Enjoy the easy access to a truly beautiful beach. Koloumpos is well known for being ideal if you wish to relax and enjoy peace and serenity.

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